13 Reasons Why… Vim

Hello, do you have a moment to talk about Vim?
Today we bring to you THE ultimate text editor: Vim

Before Vim our life was sad, really sad, then we found it, and our life was sad and complicated :(, but then, we learnt how to use it, and now, we are ridiculously happy!!( except for the designer, he uses Windows and can’t use Vim like us, so he is still sad)
So, why would you want to use it?? Let’ s see:

1 – If you don’t have money to buy a mouse, don’t worry, you don’t need one!.
2 – It´s doesn’t consume 130% of RAM like other editors.
3 – It´s stable, Vim just … never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down .. really, no crashing.
4 – You will find Vi ( Vim´s father) included in just about any unix derived system.
5 – Ideal when you are ssh-ing into a linux-running server or something, where don’t even need an X.
6 – Works fine even using a poor ssh or network connection.
7 – It’s customizable and extensible, you can personalize it as you see fit.
8 – It´s free!
9 – Wherever you go, you can take with you your vim configuration easily.
10 – Very nice documentation, just need to use “:help”.
11 – Vim is really powerfull and incredibly fast once you get past the initial learning curve (which is really steep, don’t give up halfway!).
12 – It has regex!
13 – Vim is awesome! (yes, that’s a reason).



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