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This is 3 Way Solutions’s official blog focused on technology issues and geeky stuff. In here you will get to know about us in the Research and Development department, our perspectives, challenges, issues, and how we tackle them (or not). Most of our posts will be regarding TV (both analog and digital), Linux, Programming, HPC, etc and how we merge all this to create our products.

3 Way Solutions is a company that sells products and solutions (mostly hardware), but the essence of these products is the software, so the R&D dept is composed mainly of programmers. All of our systems are based on GNU/Linux, and some of our main programming languages are C, C++, Perl, Bash scripts, and more. Our products are intended mainly for broadcast, cable, professional video, and goverment focused on TV Recording, Content detection, Media Monitoring, Content Repurpouse, compliance, QoS and QoE monitoring.

All of our blog entries will be authored by our developers and we will try to keep them in English (we are based in Argentina, so our first language is Spanish, sorry in advance for our English n.nb). We will share, of course without giving our top secrets, tips, tricks, sample scripts and apps, different approaches, and issues we face, hoping to enrich the community and looking for fellow developers perspectives and opinions. Thank you for reading and we hope you like and participate in our posts.

To the infinity and beyond
To the infinity and beyond

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